About us

KTC (Katana Craft) aims to deliver high quality and sharp swords to its customers, would they be high level athletes or demanding collectors, without them having to spend thousands or tens of thousands on nihonto swords from great Japanese masters (Tohsho). Katana Craft is an alternative to avoid cheap, mass-produced, swords falsely advertised as “hand-made” (because swords produced by hundred each month and polished on the grinding machine are everywhere…). KTC gives you the opportunity to design your own katana, with a large choice of personalization possibilities. For five years, we have been working with 23 foundries before creating the KTC brand. We own our forge, this is why we can provide many customization options, and can even provide more on demand (at a “direct from forge” price!). We do not have any stock, as every sword is forged on demand. This increases the delivery time, but mainly allows you to modify any detail on your sword thus making your blade a unique katana, unlike machine-made articles you can find everywhere.



Our Guarantees
Free Shipping guarantee for United-states, Canada, Australia.

Our swords are just as they are described, payments are 100% secured by Paypal. Katana Craft also guarantees a most enjoyable shopping experience, we make a point to reply as fast as possible to the questions you send to info@katana-craft.com

A problem with your katana, 3-4 years or even more after purchase? You’ve made a mistake? Don’t worry, we polish swords after cleaning problems, we make tsukamaki, restore saya and sword… We always do our best to give your katana a new long life ahead!

Return policy
You can return catalog swords to us within 30 days of purchase in the original packaging. Your purchase can either be refunded or exchanged for another product (excluding shipping fees).

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