Clay tempered premium tachi style katana
1095 clay tempered premium swordClay tempered premium katana leather sayapremium katana hamon

Clay tempered 1095 premium tachi style katana #222

$899.99 $789.90

The best quality sword we provide, top grade brass tachi fittings, gold and silver plated tsuba, fuchis, kashira, menukis. Shigeuchi sageo, and exclusive magnolia wooden saya with hand-stitched leather! A fully handmade 1095 clay tempered razor sharp blade for intensive use.

Custom katana forging and delivery time: 10-12 weeks

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Product Description

1095 High-Carbon steel

Clay Tempered Real Hamon (razor sharp)


Additional Information

Blade Length

27″, 28″


No hi (Stronger blade), With Bo-hi (Speed)


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