Spring Steel line

The hardness (carbon) of the 9260 Steel blades is almost equivalent to the one of 1060 Steel blades, though their edge is not as sharp as 1095 hamon blades. However Spring steel composition features a tremendous addition: 2% silicon. This composition creates extremely hard blades, that can be bent but always come back to their original state. These swords are perfect for very intensive use as they can withhold powerful impacts. However for a better cut, one would favor 1095 hamon blades.

Spring steel blades are the only blades sold with or without hamon: they are sturdier without it, as the hardening process creates martensite, which rigidifies the sword even more. A mono tempered Spring Steel blade will come handy to those who have a real need for sturdiness.


Spring steel mono-tempered Spring steel clay tempered
Spring Steel
Spring Steel
Clay tempered