A fair for your questions
This part of our site created to gather some pieces of information about katanas, for people discovering the Japanese saber. We hope that you will find what you are looking for, either to help you to choose a katana or to improve your knowledge about Japanese sabers. This item is being elaborated and finally it will be constantly improved concerning the content, and welcome for your contribution. If you have in mind some suggestions on any point, don't hesitate to tell us here.
Technical questions
- what is a hamon or a thermal treatment, and for what usefulness ?
- what are the materials usually used to elaborate the grips, the sheaths, and why ?
- why is it important, what is a full tang or what are mekugis ?
- is a good katana supposed to come from Japan and does it exist good blades from Europe ?
- what is a 1045 or a 1060 … what kind of blade and what for ?
I do appreciate your site and your work, how may I thank you ?
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