Private life policy

Introduction assumes to respect the private life of its customers. We want your personal data to be safe and confidential. This private life policy concerns the collect of data in line, and their use/practice by our site (
When dealing with you are supposed to accept the principles and the practices which are described in this policy.
Our site have links to other sites on which we have no control. is not
responsible for the private life policy of other sites that you aim to visit from our site. And for security purpose you might consult their private life policy to know how they collect and use your personal data. Our private life policy applies only to the personal data we collect with our site Collect and use of your personal data :
To buy through our site, you may be asked for some personal data, such as your name, address, mail address, credit card number, telephone number, postal code number, and other information to identify you. Moreover, may collect indirectly information when you are using colleagues services of our site. This information may be used in order to evaluate your eventual interest for complementary services proposed by our colleagues. We also pick up or gather some data about the manner you are using our site, the columns you are consulting for example. Moreover, information about your hard/software may also be collected. It may include, unconditionally, your IP address, the name of your browser, field of activity, and when your are consulting our site. This information is used to define different angles of our site. This information may also be used to apply the security principles and the laws concerning a site use. may sometimes give you the opportunity to tell us about you, your knowledge or tastes, way of life, but only you, can accept to give (or not) such information. This kind of data may be used in order to determine your interest when receiving e-mails, or by other means of communication, about supplies or services offers from Information use by We are using any information collected through our site in order to manage and improve this site and also to promote a positive experience for our customers and to propose efficiently our items or services. We may also use the data collected to inform you for more available items or services provided by, or eventually by some companies
affiliated to us. They are also useful when contacting you to know your opinion about the present items/services or new items/services that could be proposed in the future.
We possibly use your e-mail address, postal address or phone number to inform you about
any up-dating of our site, for example with new items or special offers.
The type and frequency of these messages may vary according to the information given by you. You can stop this mailing, just advise us by e-mail, postal mailing or phoning.

Information disclosure :

We do not divulge your personal data, demographic profile or information concerning the use of our site (for example the visited columns or the services used by you), except for the following purposes:

1 - We may pass your personal data to companies or individuals to assume some tasks necessary to a good working of For example, the web hosting of our site, the processing of payment by credit card, the delivery service, services to our customers. A part of your personal data is given to these companies or individuals, if necessary to
complete their job, but they are not allowed to transmit these data to any other individual or company.

2 - We may transmit your personal data if requested by the law or a government entity, or if we think in good faith that it is necessary to respect the legal demand or legal process.
Also :
- to protect the rights or property of
- to avoid criminal acts or to protect the national security.
- to protect the personal security of our customers and generally the public protection.

3 - We may transmit your personal data to a third party who buy a whole or a main part of, in case of merging, consolidating or acquisition of an important part of our assets. Moreover, in case of bankruptcy of our company, deliberately or not, or his managing agent of bankruptcy may sell, give licence or use differently such data by trading approved by the Bankruptcy Court.

Cookies use : is using cookies to personalize and optimize the action and time you spend when browsing our site. A cookie is a small file registered on your hard disk by a server. These cookies are not used to start any software or introduce any virus in your computer. They stay in your computer only and they can be read only by the server which has created
them. A main reason using these cookies is to gain time for you : they tell the server that you are coming back to a previous definite page. So, as we have cookies, we are able to give you a result more rapidly with greater accuracy and so a better personalised experience of our site.
Also we have such cookies to measure the clicks and to balance the server load.
The cookies are not required, you may accept or refuse them. Most of the browsers automatically accept the cookies, but you can modify your browse options to refuse all the cookies. Otherwise, you may also choose an option so that you are advised each time a cookie is going to be created and allows you to accept it or not. If you do not want a cookie to be created, it may slow the processing and do a disservice to
your experience of our site.

Security :

We have the adequate technical and organised measures to protect your personal data against an accidental loss of data and against unauthorised access, use, alteration or revelation of
these data. However we cannot certify that some unauthorised persons will never be able to overcome these measures of protection and that they will not use your personal data dishonestly.
When you are placing an order through, the information concerning your credit card is quite protected by SSL certificate or protocol. SSL makes anyway very uneasy to pick up your credit card data when being transmitted.

Changes concerning the private life policy :

If modify its policy, the changes will be displayed on this page, so you may know, at any time, what kind of data we are collecting, how these data could be used, and whom they could be transmitted. If you have some questions to ask or worries about our policy, do not hesitate and contact us at any time. To find our address details consult the column