iaito custom description
Iaitö is a Japanese saber for training (not sharp edge) . It is a katana imitation that allows iaidö
and iaijutsu practice.
Used in all the iaidö and iaijutsu schools, also for Kenjutsu and some aikido and ninjutsu.
On this page you will find all the possibilities we offer to create your customised katana.
Our unique catalog is the greatest in Europe and in Occident, particularly with over 110 tsuba
(guards) !

Please fill in the 17 requisite fields of the form to know the price of your customised saber.

Fabrication within a period of 12-14 weeks.
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Iaito Custom

1- Steel type  (3 Options)
2- Length of blade  (13 Options)
3- Bo-hi (Grooves)  (3 Options)
4- Sori (Curve)  (5 Options)
5- Habaki (ring above the guard)  (23 Options)
6- Seppas  (5 Options)
7- Tsuba (Guard)  (108 Options)
8- Fushi-Kashira (ornaments)  (56 Options)
9- Menuki (ornaments)  (38 Options)
10- Ito (weaving work for grip/Tsuka)  (33 Options)
11- Same (skate skin)  (3 Options)
12- Tsuka-maki (form of weaving)  (2 Options)
13- Length of the Tsuka (grip)  (6 Options)
14- Sageo (weaving sheath/saya)  (7 Options)
15- Saya (sheath)  (30 Options)
16- Bukuro (cover for katana)  (7 Options)
Iaito Custom
Reference : KTCIAITO
Starting price : US$ 0.00