Folded option
It is often wrong to think that a blade must be bent. Unfortunately this comes from the fact that we are poorly informed in France on the subject, so it is time to explain the misunderstandings that are linked to it.
At the time, the raw steels were not of such good quality, it was indeed important to bend the steel several times on itself while striking it before giving shape to the blade (in general up to 15 folds, creating 32768 layers), in order to diffuse the carbon and homogenize the steel to avoid points of weakness. Today this is no longer necessary, because steels 1045, 1060, 1095 etc. are perfectly controlled and homogeneous. A folded blade always has a ribbed appearance similar to damascus, steel being of high quality today, the blades therefore generally have a mirror polish without ribbing because they are in reality no longer bent. Most of the sabers sold as "damask" are therefore in fact folded blades, made of a single steel. Indeed, a real damask is relatively expensive to produce (much more complex forging work, see our damascus sabers). The folded option is therefore no longer technically useful, but it makes it possible to obtain an aesthetic ribbed appearance at a lower cost. The tamahagane sabers are all folded (because traditional steel to work).
folded steel katana japan custom
Paying option
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