Fuchi - Kashira
Fuchi-kashira (縁) are reinforcing adornments under the tsuba and at the base of the hilt. Often they are in connection with the Tsuba and the Menuki although this is not imperative.
The Fuchi is an important part of the saber. It strengthens the Tsuka in the lower part.
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OC-18 Fuchi-kashira OC-19 Fuchi-kashira

OC-20 Fuchi-kashira OC-21 Fuchi-kashira
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OC-30 Fuchi-kashira OC-31 Fuchi-kashira

OC-32 Fuchi-kashira
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OC-39 Fuchi-kashira
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FK103 Fuchi-kashira FK104 Fuchi-kashira

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FK151 Fuchi-kashira
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