The Habaki (鎺) is a piece of metal (Brass or copper) located at the base of the blade

The first role is to mate with the Koiguchi of the Saya (scabbard) to ensure the best possible fit and keep the sword safe in its sheath when not in use.

The second role of the Habaki, is to act as a shock absorber, distributing impacts to the blade before it enters the Tsuka.

Here are the different Habaki available for creating custom sabers.

Of course, don't hesitate to contact us if you want a unique habaki with your own engraving.
habaki japan katana
HA06-Habaki Brass (Polished Head)
HA04-Habaki Brass (Round Edge)
HA01-Habaki Brass (flat edge)
HA11-Habaki Bronze Coating
HA07-Habaki Brass (Structured Head)
HA08-Habaki Brass (Round Head)
HA13-Habaki bronze coating
HA14-Habaki copper coating
HA15-Habaki copper coating
HA16-Habaki copper coating
HA22-Habaki silver coating
HA23-Habaki Brass (My Toyotomi)
HA24-Habaki Brass (My Ikeda)
HA25-Habaki Brass (Togukawa)
HA27-Habaki Brass (Samurai)
HA26-Habaki Brass (Mon Gamo)
HA28-Habaki Brass (Kamakiri)
HA32-Habaki Brass (My Fan Maru)
HA33-Habaki Brass (My Sagara)
HA34-Habaki Brass (My Minamoto)
HA35-Habaki Brass (My Mizuno)
HA36-Habaki Brass (Kanagawa)
HA37-Habaki Brass (Claws)
The SEPPA (切 羽): These two parts which appear on each side of the Tsuba and allow a perfect adjustment. These small shims are usually made of copper or brass.

Here are the different Seppas available for the creation of custom sabers:
seppa katana japan
KATSE3 - Seppa Silver
KATSE2 - Seppa Brass
KATSE1 - Seppa Brass
KATSE4 - Seppa Bronze
KATSE5 - Seppa Copper