Our sabers catalog
Katanas 1060
These 1060 carbon steel katanas from our samurai (warrior) range are perfect for casual cutting and decorative use. They are of course sharp, no way to sell you a vulgar plastic katana ! Perfect handling for the repetitions of katas of your Japanese martial arts.
Katanas T10 / C105 and damask
Japanese Katana T10 / C105 or damask from our bushido range, these sabers are entirely hand-made with materials which are the closest as possible to tradition. The blades are very sharp, suitable for a decorative katana and regular martial practice in a dojo (kendo, iaido, aïkido and other budos).
High quality katanas
High grade quenched steel sabers with exceptional cutting edge to practice your martial art, thanks to their particular composition. Highest quality assembly, including the Japanese tsuba (guard) plated in gold and silver. For a weapon equipped with a formidable and very sharp blade.
The katana is not only the samurai's weapon, for many martial arts practitioners or enthusiasts it represents a set of very important values. However, anybody cannot afford a nihonto being worth several thousand euros, so Artkatana aims to offer an alternative and avoiding industrial katanas. We forge katanas by hand in respect of what they represent : your katana is made with detailed and traditional materials for the ito, saya (scabbard), and skate skin or shark skin, and even using a selective quenching and tamahagane (the legendary Japanese mineral). The samurai saber transcends Japanese art. It has become a symbol in Japan, it has given some great names like Miyamoto Musashi, and is rooted in Japanese culture. A saber with unique properties due to its curvature, making Japan and Japanese weapons a benchmark for all collectors and combat sports enthusiasts.