The saya (鞘) is a wooden hull, in "HO", that is to say in magnolia for top-of-the-range swords or, failing that, in alder or others, is constituted, prepared, cut and assembled.

Generally the classic scabbard are decorated and lacquered.
This lacquering constitutes in addition to the bonding, an excellent consolidator of the sheath because applied in several layers, it reinforces the bonding.

Here is our catalog of saya / scabbards. There are two categories, further down on the page the sayas look "natural wood" without lacquer. Of course our sayas can be modified, so do not hesitate to contact us if you want color variations in particular.
katana saya japan
The price of the saya varies depending on the quality.
See price in "Custom saber".
The Sageo is not "included" Except Saya Tachi
saya katana japan katana saya japan
Our online catalog allows you to make a pre-selection for your custom saber project. You can then create your saber in the "Custom sabers" section.
You will find below the different possibilities to be able to personalize it according to your wishes.