Tsukamaki (Braiding)
Ito / braiding catalog
Here are the different Ito (糸) which is the braiding on the tsuka / sleeve, over 40 different designs. Changing the color or the type of braiding in this way has no cost, apart from the leather braiding which costs 10 dollars more and the sageo (for sheath) called Shigeuchi (several colors) which cost 12 dollars when applied on a katana. As a reminder, all you have to do is contact us by email (contact section or custom katana) to give us the elements of your custom sword / your wishes to obtain a quote.
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Ito Cotton Braiding
Option Offered
Ito Silk Braiding
Paying option
SK01 - Ito Soie Marron
SK02 - Ito Silk Dark Red
SK03 - Ito Silk Off White
SK04 - Ito Silk Light Gold
SK05 - Ito Silk Dark Gold
SK06 - Ito Silk Purple
SK07 - Ito Silk Black
SK08 - Ito Silk Turquoise Blue
SK09 - Ito Silk Blue
SK010 - Ito Silk White
SK011 - Ito Silk Light Blue
SK012 - Ito Silk Green
SK013 - Ito Silk Red
SK014 - Ito Silk Light Brown
SK015 - Ito Silk Blue
SK016 - Ito Silk Dark Blue
SK017 - Ito Silk Dark Brown
COT01 - Ito Black Cotton
COT02 - Ito Dark brown
COT03 - Ito Red
COT04 - Ito Gold
COT05 - Ito Brown
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Ito Leather Braiding
Paying option
L01 - Ito Black Leather
L02 - Ito Dark Brown Leather
L03 - Ito Brown Leather
L04 - Ito Dark Blue Leather
L05 - Ito Golden Leather
L06 - Ito Green Leather
L07 - Ito Dark Red Leather
Braiding Ito Suede
Paying option

S1 - Ito Blue Suede
S2 - Ito Brown Suede
S3 - Ito Suede Black
S4 - Ito Green Suede
Sageo / Shigeuchi Catalog

The sageo (下 げ 緒): This cord is united or braided used to attach the sword in the belt (Obi).

Shigeuchi meaning "thick". This type of Sageo was widely used during the Tensho era (1573 - 1592).
Available in 6 colors. Black or brown are traditional colors.
These Sageo are perfect for any type of Iaito, Shinken (Katana) and wakisahi.

The Sageo "Simple cotton or silk" is an option offered.
The Shigeuchi is a paid option.
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SH2 - Sageo Shigeuchi Black / Red
SH1 - Sageo Shigeuchi Black / White
sageo japan katana
SH4 - Sageo Shigeuchi Blue / White
SH3 - Sageo Shigeuchi Black / Brown
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SH6 - Sageo Shigeuchi Brown
SH5 - Sageo Shigeuchi Black
Same (Skin under braiding)

Same (鮫) or Samekawa is a striped skin that is located under the braiding.
This line is similar to the stingray, its skin contains silica, which when drying, it hardens and presents a grainy appearance. The larger the grains, the more the grip is adherent to the hands of the swordsman and therefore the skate skin is of quality.
It can be presented colored, white is traditional and common, dyed black constitute the essential of SAME.
Option Offered
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Tsuka-maki (Braiding shape / ito)

Tsuka-Maki (柄 巻) is the art of braiding: There are several kinds of braiding names:

- Hinerimaki: This is a basic style in which the two cords of the braids are twisted and folded at the crossing.

- Katatemaki: This is a "Battle / Fight" style that begins and ends in Hinerimaki and has a cord wrapped around the Tsuka. This style is used on older Japanese sabers and more recently on 1944 Shingunto.

Option Offered
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