Wakizashi Ashimoto Karushi

Wakizashi Ashimoto Karushi
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Wakizashi Ashimoto Karushi
Reference : KTWA95HA04
Short Sword (Wakizashi) named "Advancing with a Light Step"

This masterpiece embodies elegance and power in every centimeter of its blade, carrying the very essence of Japanese martial tradition. Explore the harmony between its refined design and exceptional functionality, an invitation to delve into an ancient art through an instrument of captivating beauty. Let yourself be guided by the "Light Step" of this Wakizashi, a work that transcends time and evokes deep respect for sword mastery. The blade is made of high-carbon steel (T10) with a genuine hamon.

Detailed Wakizashi Specifications

Structure: Shinogi-zukuri
Moto-haba: 3.2cm
Saki-haba: 2.2cm
Kasane: 7-8mm
Point: Chu-kissaki
Mune: Iori-mune type Hikushi
Low Shinogi, without niku (very sharp blade)
Sori: 1.5-1.6cm
2 Mekugis

Tsuka (handle)

Magnolia wood
Genuine ray skin (Samegawa)
Silk composite Tsuka-ito
++ Menukis, fuchi, tsuba, tsuka-gashira in gold and silver-plated brass
Saya (scabbard)

Magnolia wood
Zinc Shito-dome
Silk composite Sageo
++ Full tang
(blade traversing the handle)

T10/C105: more information
Maru 1.05% carbon
Genuine Notare-type hamon
Thickness: 0.78-0.80cm
Blade length: 51cm (Habaki>kissaki)
Tsuka (handle) length: 25cm
Total length: 82cm (±1cm)
60 HRC for the cutting edge
Weight: approximately 795g (1035g with saya)
Shipping 12 weeks
2024-12-31 339.00US$ 339.00
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