Artkatana sabres japonais sur mesure[z4;0;1;0;2;0;2;190;1;0;2;2;1;y] Artkatana sabres japonais sur mesure Artkatana sabres japonais sur mesure
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We are proud to offer you the largest selection of Samurai swords for sale, including Katana swords, Wakizashi swords, Tanto blades and a lot more. Our swords are made of quality materials with wide selection of customization options.
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At KTC we give you total control in the creation of your katana. We offer different type of steel: 1095 hamon, 1060 hamon, Spring Steel, Spring Steel hamon; more than 100 different tsuba (guard); 45 ito (braid); and many more personalization options for thousands of possibilities. The largest catalog of custom-made blades on the web! You may even personalize some technical elements such as the structure of the blade or the type of kissaki.

While a 1060 hamon blade will offer a good cutting edge at an affordable price, a 1095 hamon blade is the best out there, it guarantees a high quality razor-sharp edge. Spring steel mono tempered katanas are destined for a more specific use: their cutting edge is limited but their hardness make them perfect to hit sturdy targets. Spring steel hamon blades are not as tough but offer a cutting edge, close to a 1060 hamon blade.
You can expect fine craftsmanship of hand forged Samurai swords using traditional methods.